books by Sindra van Yssel

Bondage Ranch series:
Roped In, Pushing Limits, Moving On,
His Little Tart, His Little Treasure, Taming the Mistress, An Expert in Domination

Excess Series:
Dom and Domme, Blonde and Owner,
Brat and Master, Public Intimacies

Le Petit Mort series:
Purple Passion, Red Lust, Blue Desire

The Menages:
Secretary for Two, In the Middle

Dark Xanadu Series:
Dark Xanadu, Chilled to the Bone

Individual Titles:
Take Me With You
Too Hip for Love (NEW)
Stealing Her Heart (NEW)
The Barbarian and the Witch
A Haunted Romance
Submissive by Moonlight



Genre: BDSM/Fetish, Contemporary
Cover Art: Christine M. Griffin, 1-4; Fiona Jayde, 5

Bondage Ranch: Roped InBook One: Roped In

PURCHASE: Loose Id |

Laera McDougal is lost in the woods when hunky Bruce Merrick finds her, but soon she’s lost in her passion as he pulls her into the world of sensual submission. He shows her desires she never knew existed in herself--desires she’s eager to have satisfied. She wants more than one hot day and night of sensual exploration, but Bruce never intended to take it further, even for someone who stirs him as much as luscious Laera.

Laera's not sure she can find someone else who will make her feel the same way. She needs Bruce to realize that it’s time to break free from of his past so that he can get the woman of his dreams all roped in.

Bondage Ranch: Pushing LimitsBook Two: Pushing Limits

PURCHASE: Loose Id |

Samantha Grayson has been burned before by Doms, and her attempts at vanilla relationships haven’t worked for her either. She’s gotten such a reputation for being an unruly submissive that most of the dominants at Bondage Ranch won’t take her on. Arthur Marcelli is up for the challenge. But the more they play the more serious it gets, and D/s is just for a little light fun -- isn’t it?

Arthur knows that he has to treat Samantha gently. He also knows she can get a lot more out of herself if he can convince her to let her guard down. To do so he has to get her to trust him -- trust him so much, that he can start pushing her limits, one sensuous step at a time.

Bondage Ranch: Moving OnBook Three: Moving On

PURCHASE: Loose Id |

The afternoon after her divorce, Selena runs into James Culver and has the sex of her life. When she wakes up, he’s gone, leaving her with an unquenched taste for being tied up. A year later she finds herself at Bondage Ranch, wanting for once and for all to come to terms with her kinky desires. She doesn’t expect to find James there, tempting her with his hot kisses and bedroom dominance.

James is surprised to find the woman who has haunted his dreams ever since he left her for an emergency, at Bondage Ranch. He came to Bondage Ranch to find a murderer, not kinky sex, and certainly not to fall in love. But his hunt for the murderer is getting nowhere and he’s getting everywhere with Selena -- until one of the guests at the ranch turns up missing.

Bondage Ranch: His Little TartBook Four: His Little Tart

PURCHASE: Loose Id |

Constance knows her pastries are the best. Hard work and talent ought to mean business success, but somehow she's barely scraping by. So she takes a job making snacks for the kinky folk at Bondage Ranch. She's fascinated by what's going on around her, but she doesn't have time for play--she's got a business to run.

All work and no play is no way to live, and Aidan knows that. He's in Bondage Ranch for a little R&R between business trips that take him all over the world. So when he sees Constance sneaking peeks at BDSM scenes, he decides to find out what she's like under that chef's uniform and show her the joys of sex and submission.

Bondage Ranch: His Little TreasureBook Five: His Little Treasure

PURCHASE: Loose Id |

Emma goes to Bondage Ranch hoping to find a sexy Dom who will show her what it means to submit. Diego's happy to spend a weekend showing a newbie the ropes.  But when Diego discovers that shy Emma has a secret taste for exhibitionism that she’s not ready to face up to, it starts to move beyond bondage and discipline. Bondage Ranch is the perfect place for public sex, and to convince her to own her desire. She soon realizes that being seen makes her tingle in all the right places, but it scares her too. Good girls don’t like that sort of thing! 

Then the wrong form of attention is focused on Emma and Diego. Emma faces a new battle with her shyness, and Diego has to confront his past, if they are going to make love like no one--and everyone--is watching.

Bondage Ranch: Taming the MistressBook Six: Taming the Mistress

PURCHASE: Loose Id |

A veteran dominatrix, Mistress Sue goes to Bondage Ranch fresh on the heels of a breakup with a male submissive looking for another to pass the weekend with. She sees old flames and friends who have found partners. Subs offer their services, but she also catches the eye of Dane Kilmer, a different kind of Dom. 

Dane isn’t into the latex and leather trappings of BDSM, and he’d rather make love under the stars than in a dungeon, but he’s undeniably an alpha male. For both of them, the other represents a different kind of lover than they’ve experienced. As Sue is drawn to Dane’s tent near the primal bonfire, Dane experiences a tug back. The battle for dominance threatens to drive them apart, and so does Sue’s pride as she decides whether she is ready to kneel to a man after many years on top.

Bondage Ranch: An Expert in DominationBook Seven: An Expert in Domination

PURCHASE: Loose Id |

Sophia comes to Bondage Ranch to get naked and dance around the bonfire, and maybe hook up with a guy. She wants a weekend of sensual fun before going back to her life as a single mom. What happens at Bondage Ranch, stays at Bondage Ranch, right? 

But then she meets Colby Brock. Colby's not the dance around the bonfire type. He's a minor celebrity, an expert at BDSM and author of multiple books on the subject. Sophia never thought leather and whips and the like were for her, but she ends up being volunteered to be Colby's demo bottom, and then he invites her to explore further. Soon, she finds Colby's dominance addictive, and she’s torn between wanting more, and wanting to stop before she gets hooked.

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Genre: BDSM & Fetish, Contemporary
Cover Art: Anne Cain

Dom and DommeDom and Domme

PURCHASE: Loose Id |

Master Gray Merritt is looking for a sub one night at Excess, a BDSM night club, but instead he finds Betsy Castle, the college lover that still haunts his fantasies. Betsy is now Mistress Elizabeth, and she has some fantasies of her own that don’t involve Gray being on top. They agree to try to reconnect by having vanilla sex, but neither of them is willing to let it stay vanilla for long, and the struggle to be on top begins.

One night isn’t enough for either of them, but how can two people used to being in control manage to make things work? If there’s a will, there's a way, but they're both going to have to put love before control.

Blonde and Owner Blonde and Owner

PURCHASE: Loose Id |

Tall, blonde Susan has had it with short men, or men who think that because she's six feet tall she should be in charge of everything. So when her short date takes her to Excess, a BDSM club, without telling her where they're going, and then wants her to dominate him, she's thoroughly pissed off.

But the club intrigues her. Then she meets the club's former owner. Tall and handsome, he has no intention of letting her be in charge, or even letting her mouth off without a spanking. That's fine for an evening, but can they make it last for longer? A little kinky fun is one thing, but Vincent wants more, and she needs to find out just what he means when he says he wants to be her owner.

Brat and Master Brat and Master

PURCHASE: Loose Id |

Amanda is tired of being taken for granted by all the Doms at Excess, so she decides to train her own. When Jeremy shows up to newbie night, she thinks he might have what it takes. He's handsome and confident -- all she needs to do is a little topping from below, and he'll get the hang of making her do exactly what she wants.

Sexy pianist Jeremy isn't the beginner that Amanda thinks he is, however. He's been out of the scene for a while, but he has years of experience and is looking for new experiences to scratch the itch. But he's never met a sub quite as bratty as Amanda. He relishes a challenge, and he thinks he knows how to keep the willful submissive in line.

Public Intimacies Public Intimacies

PURCHASE: Loose Id |

Annabelle is tired of Doms who do BDSM just to show off how bad they are. Still, she wants someone unafraid to play rough. Clint seems to know how to give her what she needs without needing to play to an audience. After a hot scene with him at a play party, she wants more play--and more sex. But Clint wants the sexy times to happen in private, and past experience has made her scared to be alone with any man, especially a Dom. Public play is safe.

Clint can tell that Annabelle has been hurt in the past. He wants to teach her to trust him, but to do so he has to push his own boundaries without letting the curvy sub take control, and he needs to find out her secrets. To be the best dom he can be, he needs to first control himself--even when Annabelle’s curvy body is there for the taking.


Genre: BDSM Multicultural Contemporary
Cover Art: Valerie Tibbs

Purple PassionPurple Passion

PURCHASE: Loose Id |

Darren McCorvey can’t believe his good luck when sexy violet-haired Lisa Martinez sits across from him at a table in a restaurant. Never mind she’s only at that table by mistake -- she certainly didn’t intend to join a bunch of BDSM aficionados -- he recognizes a submissive streak inside her that she thought was nothing but a weakness. She can’t believe this hunky guy is interested in her, but the things he’s into attract and scare her all at once. She pretends she’s interested to piss off her controlling ex-husband, and doesn’t intend to let it go any further. And Darren has no intention of falling in love, ever again. But after one fierce kiss it doesn’t seem to matter what they intended, what they’ve feared, or what obstacles their pasts can throw in the way.

Red Lust Red Lust

PURCHASE: Loose Id |

Stella likes to get a flogging now and then at a local BDSM club, and she knows how to play the game of submission well enough to make sure the tops give her what she wants. She keeps her professional life as a physical therapist carefully separate from her life of kink until the arrival of Evan, a hot and skilled Master with a whipping arm that needs her professional care. 

But Evan wants more than a doctor and a willing target, and he sees through the role Stella plays to a woman who hasn’t met the right master -- until now. While he’s happy to indulge her penchant for floggers, he has his own set of sensual games he’d like to teach her that will leave the curvy redhead hot with lust -- and maybe love.

Blue Desire Blue Desire

PURCHASE: Loose Id |

Kat is looking to re-launch her career as a rocker after breaking up with her ex and her band. She takes time out for a quick distracting thrill by pretending to be the perfect submissive at BDSM club Le Petit Mort. She quickly sets her sights on Brett as a Dom who can give her what she needs and send her on her way.

Brett's trying to figure out why Kat thinks she needs to pretend to be something she isn't. He decides to discover the real woman behind the tough facade, because he can't resist a challenge, but he doesn't realize that the real Kat might be the perfect submissive for him after all.

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Genre: Menage, Contemporary BDSM
Cover Art: Valerie Tibbs

Secretary for TwoSecretary for Two

PURCHASE: Loose Id |

Executive assistant Nicole Kerrigan has been in love with her boss, idealistic genius Austin Summers, since she first saw him. She has no idea he's fallen for her just as hard. Or that when Austin needs to be two places at once, his identical twin brother Tony steps into help. Tony's a hardboiled private eye who doesn't have qualms about sleeping with his secretary -- or his brother's -- and makes the move on Nicole that Austin didn't dare make. But when a hit man tries to take out Austin, she rushes to his side, and deception gets piled on top of deception.

Now Nicole is torn between two very different men who happen to look exactly the same. Can the three of them unravel the half-truths they've told, and can a woman serve two masters? Nicole is about to find out.

In the MiddleIn the Middle

PURCHASE: Loose Id |

Louise has a yen for submission, stoked by her online adventures. Her real-life boyfriend Daniel is more submissive than dominant. When her Internet lover, Randall X, comes to town, she gets a sexy weekend to indulge her submissive fantasies. But what starts out as a weekend starts to turn into something more, and Randall X takes her deeper and deeper into the world of submissive pleasure. Meanwhile, with Daniel, Louise discovers she enjoys being on top as well, and being treated like a Goddess.

Caught in the middle between two men who want her for themselves, Louise is having the time of her life, but knows it can't last. With two lovers to choose from, each offering her something completely different, what's a switch to do?

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Genre: Paranormal/BDSM
Cover Art: Sable Grey

Dark XanaduBook One: Dark Xanadu

PURCHASE: Cobblestone Press |

At BDSM nightclub Dark Xanadu, all kinds of fantasies become flesh. Angela falls in love with sexy club owner Kent Carlisle, but she doesn’t know that some fantasies are the stuff of nightmare. 

An angry vampire from Kent’s past has just shown up in town, and he’s looking for revenge. A Dom like Kent would do anything to protect his submissive -- even give her up. But Angela isn’t about to be given up so easily…

Dark Xanadu: Chilled to the Bone Book Two: Chilled to the Bone

PURCHASE: Cobblestone Press |

Vampires aren’t supposed to submit to mere mortals, but Doreen is no ordinary vampire. When Charles asks for a week of her submission in exchange for a taste of his blood, she accepts. 

But as far as he’s concerned, a dominant protects his sub -- even if he’s a human and her enemies are mages and vampires. He has to find a way to keep her alive long enough to keep her promise -- and long enough to see what love has in store for them when the week is over.

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Take Me With YouTake Me With You

Cover Art: Mina Carter
PURCHASE: Loose Id |

Alicia has a new relationship but she wants to explore bondage and discipline too. When Craig asks her to take him to a BDSM club despite his misgivings she wonders if he can learn to be her Master.

Craig isn’t sure what to make of his new girlfriend Alicia’s desire to explore her submissive desires, but he’s determined to be there for her every step of the way.

Too Hip for LoveToo Hip for Love

Cover Art: Mina Carter
PURCHASE: Loose Id |

For years Karen has gone to Parker’s home every Saturday afternoon to be tied up, spanked, and aroused by the masterful Dom. She loves being his toy, but it’s all just play. While Parker loves to play with her body and her mind, he's too good a man to play with her heart. And getting too wrapped up in one person would make it harder to have fun kinky times with others. But now Karen wants something more than a reliable top. She wants love, like her friends Craig and Alicia have, and a future with someone, even if she has to give up kink to get it.

Parker can see Karen drifting away from him. He knows she’s searching for something he’s not providing. For years Karen has been his rock – way more than a plaything. He wants what’s best for her, and if that’s not him, he has to accept it – unless he can change her mind, or they can change together.

Stealing Her HeartStealing Her Heart

Cover Art: Syneca Featherstone
PURCHASE: Loose Id |

After years of trying to become a police detective, Vanessa gets her chance to work undercover. Posing as Mistress Lizabet’s submissive, Vanessa goes to the Barony, DC’s most exclusive BDSM club, to investigate the handsome Gerard Coven, supposedly reformed jewel thief and club owner. If she can seduce him and crack the case open, it could be her big break. If she falls for a master criminal, it could be her downfall.

The world she discovers at the club calls out to her, awakening her long suppressed desire for domination. His ropes and his touch are electric, but the foundation of dominance and submission is trust. As much as her heart is attracted to the dangerous man, how can she trust a thief? She has a job to do, and no matter what he does to her, she has to keep her head or he just might steal her heart.

The Barbarian and the WitchThe Barbarian and the Witch

Cover Art: Tuesday Dube
PURCHASE: Loose Id |

Myriel, the witch, comes to the desolate land to heal it from the damage done by the malevolent sorcerer Kerrah. The only other human being around is handsome and uneducated Johan, a barbarian who is there to steal a gem from under Kerrah’s nose. Johan distrusts any kind of magic, but when he makes love to Myriel, claiming her body and marking her soul, he leaves her thirsting to submit.

Only by joining forces do they have a chance to accomplish what they desire. In the process, they might find they desire each other even more than their original goals. Now that Johan has found the woman of his dreams in the most unexpected of places, and Myriel has found the man he needs, he'll have to conquer his distrust of magic and she'll have to conquer her pride if they're to succeed in their missions and in love.

A Haunted RomanceA Haunted Romance

Cover Art: Tuesday Dube
PURCHASE: Loose Id |

Chelsea moves out to her deceased aunt’s house in the country for some peace and quiet. It seems like the perfect spot for a mystery writer to hole up and be away from people. She doesn’t believe her brother’s claim that her aunt’s old house is haunted, it’s just in need of some good care. With two helpful and handsome neighbors in Trent and Dalton, she thinks she’s in pretty good shape, even if the two men don’t get along very well. But there’s something going wrong in the house -- strange sounds, slamming doors, falling objects. She’s got a mystery of her own to solve, and she’s determined not to leave until she solves it -- and until she figures out if the man who pleases her body is worthy of her heart as well.

When she finds the erotic writings of Minerva, a frustrated resident of the house from a century ago, she thinks she has an idea of who might be haunting the house, but why is the ghost so dangerous? And which of her neighbors can she trust?

Submissive by MoonlightSubmissive by Moonlight

Cover Art: Dar Albert
PURCHASE: Loose Id |

Marisa is a witch. Nolan is a cop--and a skeptic of all things supernatural. When Marisa's vision helps Nolan find a missing girl, he puts her on the suspect list. But when he searches her home, he not only finds that she's innocent, he discovers she shares his interest in BDSM. In a small town it's almost impossible for Nolan to find a good play partner, and Marisa is the perfect woman. But Nolan can't pretend to believe in her psychic gifts even though the sex is definitely magical.

Marisa had given up on ever finding a Dom, but now one has found her. When he ties her up he's the kind of hot she's dreamed about, but outside the bedroom there are plenty of challenges confronting a skeptic and a witch. Marisa and Nolan seem incompatible, and neither the Goddess nor hard logic offer any solutions unless they discover that two opposites can make the perfect team.

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Note: These books contain explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM theme and content, bondage, exhibitionism.